Novell Announces NetWare Update

Novell, Inc. Monday announed plans to ship NetWare
4.2, its network solution that enables enterprises to manage and control
complex networks, by year’s end.

The new product replaces intraNetWare and
NetWare 4.11. It uses NetWare 4 as its foundation, adding support for
Novell Directory Services. Novell said the latest version delivers system
reliability, efficient centralized administration of
desktops, tighter Internet/intranet integration and NetWare 5 compatibility
in a single package. The product has been in beta testing since September.

NetWare 4.2 enhancements include:

  • Compatibility with
    NetWare 5 by including IP and IPX protocol integration and NetWare 4’s
    most current version of NDS.

  • Tools that provide centralized administration of Windows desktops and

  • Lower cost of ownership by offering a five-user version of Oracle8

  • NetWare 4.2 provides improved Internet/intranet services, including
    Netscape FastTrack
    Server for NetWare, Netscape Communicator and a new version of
    multi-protocol router. New versions of the Perl and
    NetBasic scripting tools are also included to make the
    development of Web-based applications even easier.

  • Reliability updates, including the support of the Euro currency and
    features components tested for Year 2000 readiness.

    “NetWare 4 has and will continue to be an important part of the network
    solution on which many of our customers depend,”
    said John Slitz Jr., senior vice president of corporate marketing at
    Novell. “NetWare 4.2 reinforces our commitment to our
    NetWare 4 customers, while facilitating a phased migration to a NetWare 5

    NetWare 4.2 is slated for customer availability by Dec. 31. A server
    with a five-user license will retail for $1,095. Additional user client
    packs will be available for customer purchase in any combination and
    upgrade pricing is also available for current NetWare customers. Additional
    information on NetWare 4.2 can be found on NetWare4 site.

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