Optika Delivers App to Manage Business Transactions

Optika launched Optika eMedia, a software and methodology product designed to manage business transactions within an organization, across extranets, and throughout the supply chain.

Optika eMedia provides businesses with a Web-based electronic infrastructure
for conducting business with its suppliers and customers.

The company said eMedia supplies on-demand access to the entire context of
business-to-business relationships, including the ability to find and view all electronic data (such as electronic data interchange–EDI), documents,
images, and electronic communications and negotiations associated with a business transaction.

“Optika eMedia defines a new category,” said Amie White, senior analyst at
International Data Corp. “Optika’s strength as an imaging company has enabled
it to bring something new to the rapidly expanding electronic commerce market.”

“eMediation is the process by which eMedia wraps electronic business
transactions in a broader context–capturing not only the huge volume of
electronic paperwork but also the human interactions that until now have
slipped through the fingers of e-commerce software.”

Said Mark K. Ruport, president, CEO and chairman of Optika, “By eliminating
paper at its source, Optika eMedia revolutionizes imaging and raises the bar
for business-to-business e-commerce software by saying that managing
transactions isn’t enough; software systems must also manage the full context
of business processes and partnerships.”

Optika eMedia is a 32-bit, intranet-based solution. Optika eMedia employs a
standards-based, 3-tier architecture designed to manage all data associated
with business-to-business transactions from a single interface.

Optika said it is installing eMedia at a number of beta customer sites,
including major Fortune 1000 customers in Optika’s targeted vertical markets,
such as Payless Cashways in retail and GMAC Commercial Mortgage in financial

Optika eMedia 1.0 will be available in the second quarter of 1998.

Intranet clients with full eMedia capabilities start at $150. Extranet browser clients will be deployable free of charge to all supply chain users.

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