POPcaster Unveils Customizable Streaming Software

POPcast Communications Corp. Monday released the 3.1 version of its customizable software for digital media authoring, conversion, streaming media encoding and automated Web publishing for PCs.

POPcaster v.3.1 allows users to capture video through a wide variety of capture devices (including Webcams, camcorders and VCRs) and combine digital video files with text, still images and audio in their finished digital media presentations.

The complete files can be uploaded to users’ personal accounts on sites that incorporate POPcast services, where they can be shared over the Internet via POPcast’s personal broadcast network. New to this version includes support for Windows Media Player version 7 and Real Video version 8 formats, the ability to specify high-speed video bit rates and playback window sizes to take advantage of broadband connections, as well as transitions and frame-level editing of video clips.

“POPcaster version 3.1 offers additional media authoring and automated Web-publishing capabilities that leverage the latest, most cutting-edge technologies available, while maintaining our easy-to-use interface,” said POPcast’s Chairman and Founder William Mutual. “The sharing of personal video over the Web – for home or work – is one of the most compelling reasons for new users to sign up for broadband services, and these are exactly the types of advances that appeal to the next generation of broadband-enabled users.”

During this weeks Digital Hollywood event, POPcast will be involved in a broadband application co-promotion with Lucent Technologies, whereby POPcast’s digital media creation, publishing and sharing solutions will be demonstrated as a key component to Lucent’s broadband solutions.

The standard version of the software is scheduled to be available as a free download from www.popcast.com on Oct. 2.

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