Web Ad Revenues Rise in Europe, Says AdZone

[London, ENGLAND] According to Internet advertising monitor
AdZone Interactive,
expenditure on Web advertising in Europe rose by an average of
11 percent from July to August this year.

Until now, there have not been any accurate figures available
for measuring how much is being spent on Web advertising in
Europe. Two months after announcing its entry into the field,
AdZone Interactive has produced a set of measurements
for 425 sites.

However, the average figure can be misleading. Whereas the
U.K. posted a mere 1 percent rise, the rest of Europe
showed a whopping 31 percent increase.

The difference between the two comes about because Web
revenues in the U.K. were already running at a much higher
level than in most European countries during July. The
figures for August were: Europe US $109 million, of which
the U.K. share was US $64.5 million.

John Cardona, president of AdZone Interactive, commented that
this is the first time that the advertising and business
community has been able to get “a real handle on what is
happening on Web sites in Europe.”

“If you look at the trends, it is clear that there is some
significant growth going on. The boom that Europe is currently
experiencing mirrors the growth of the U.S. ad spending from
just a few years ago,” said Cardona.

AdZone Interactive lists the big spenders and the big reapers,
some of whom appear in both Top Tens.

Way out in front of the top spenders is French games portal
ZoneJeux.com, getting 634 million impressions for its spend
of US $6.48 million. It was followed by VirginMoney.com
(74 million impressions and US $3.3 million spend) and
Autosport.com (60 million impressions and US $2.69 million spend).

Reaping the rewards were French portal Francit&eacute (628 million
impressions and US $6.29 million revenues), uk.yahoo.com (137 million
impressions and US $5.34 million revenues) and iii.co.uk (102 million
impressions and US $4.59 million revenues).

The AdZone Interactive research covered Austria, Denmark, France,
Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.K. In the
U.S., AdZone tracks advertising on over 1,300 Web sites.

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