Standards Group Approves Intranet Practices

At a recent board meeting, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. Standards Association approved standards for intranet/extranet applications.

IEEE Std 2001-1998 defines recommended practices for designing and implementing well-engineered Web pages for use in intranet and extranet environments based on HTML specifications,
migration to XML and related industry guidelines.

The recommended practices set forth in the standard are designed to provide guidance to Web developers by addressing copyright, proprietary data declarations, indexing and content classification of pages,
use of epoch transparent dates, multi-national sensitivities, browser tolerance, bandwidth efficiencies, server operations, privacy and accommodation of physically-challenged persons.

The group said this standard is part of an accumulation of Web page development “recommended practices” that can serve to improve the effectiveness of Web page users, Web page developers and the value of the Web in organizations.

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