NSI, Centraal Offer Free RealNames Trial

Network Solutions, Inc. and Centraal Corp.Thursday announced a free 60-day trial of the RealNames Web page addressing service.

The RealNames System is a global, standards-based solution which allocates simple names to Web pages, and operates in the URL location bar of browsers. RealNames resolvers contain more than 3 million RealNames. Centraal directs Internet users to desired Web sites and analyzes user search requests to determine Internet usage preferences and

The service already reaches more than 3 million unique users
according to Web traffic analyst Media Metrix. Other companies employing RealNames include Inktomi, InfoSeek, AltaVista, LookSmart, Fireball and NeoPlanet. The company estimates that with its distribution deals, RealNames will be available this year to 60 percent of all Internet searches.

“It has been our aim to make the RealNames System both simple to use and ubiquitous on the Internet. Our relationship with Network Solutions expands our distribution channels and gives even more companies the opportunity to experience the increased Web traffic and customer visits that RealNames can generate,” said Keith Teare, Centraal’s founder and chief executive officer.

“The ease, speed and simplicity with which worldwide users can navigate the Web through the RealNames service makes it a really compelling Web navigation enhancement,” added Ted West, Centraal’s executive vice president of sales and marketing.

“Unicode allows us to offer local language subscriptions. And the RealNames System is now available in more browser command lines and through more search engines and portal distribution partners. For businesses trying to market and sell online, RealNames creates added value by bringing qualified customers to their Web sites.”

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