Swissair Pursues New Intranet Initiative

Cambridge Technology
this week rolled out new intranet-based sales and human
resources systems for Swissair’s sales and marketing units.

The project was designed over an 18-week period and will ultimately connect
7,800 employees in 130 offices worldwide.

Swissair expects the new system will increase sales revenues and make staff
more productive by allowing marketing and sales data to be shared. The
system will support a number of collaborative activities, enabling the
airline’s sales force to spend more time assisting clients.

In addition, the system is expected to decrease the number of lost sales,
enable each salesperson to have more powerful tools and access to more
timely and accurate information.

“We recognize the Internet’s ability to improve the customer experience and
our business overall,” said Urs Wiesner, Swissair’s project manager.

“Working with Cambridge as our strategic Web partner will enable us to stay
ahead of the competition and ensure success for the company and our
customers into the next century.”

Cambridge will continue working with Swissair after initial feedback is
received to improve functionality.

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