Technauts Ships New Thin Server

Technauts Inc.
Wednesday began shipping its eServer 152, a new thin server designed to
allow small and medium-size businesses to quickly set up Web and e-mail
access and to establish their own intranets.

The company said the eServer 152 offers business a flexible feature set
while also emphasizing easy set-up. Technauts said the system can be set up
in 10 minutes and doesn’t require system experts or complicated upgrades
and maintenance.

“The eServer 152 is as close to plug-and-play as an e-mail and Web server
can get. It enables e-business applications in a simple, integrated package
offering an unparalleled opportunity to provide turnkey Internet solutions
for small and mid-sized businesses,” said Kishore Jotwani, Technauts’
director of global marketing.

The company said the product is the only Internet and intranet server to
integrate a PC server, firewall, network operating system, Web server
software, remote access services, e-mail and an application server platform
into a single product. The eServer 152 retails for $1,995.

The eServer 152 is the successor to the eServer 150, announced in August.
The 150 was an intranet thin server only. The 152 expanded its capabilities
by adding integrated IP routing and local area network functions.

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