VeriSign Unveils New Software, Customers

VeriSign Inc.
delivered a suite of software and processing services to enable enterprises
to secure their intranets, extranets and Internet commerce applications using
digital certificates.

As part of VeriSign E-Commerce Solutions, the company introduced four new
advanced public key infrastructure (PKI) software modules, enabling
enterprises to issue digital certificates to employees, business partners
and customers to secure confidential data and electronic communications
over private and public networks.

More than 35 companies and government agencies, including American Skandia,
British Telecommunications and NationsBank have chosen VeriSign E-Commerce
Solutions, the company said, enabling them to rapidly become Certificate
Authorities (CAs) for their employees, business partners, and customers.

VeriSign introduced four new advanced PKI software modules–the Automated
Authentication Manager, the Automated Lifecycle Manager, the Secure Server
Manager, and the Smart Card/Key Manager.

Completing VeriSign’s E-Commerce Solutions are VeriSign OnSite, a turnkey
certificate issuance and management engine.

Other clients include Federal Reserve Bank of New York, NationsBank, Royal
Bank of Canada, and VISA in financial services; Ameritech, AT&T, and British
Telecommunications in telecommunications; Hewlett-Packard, Netscape, and
Thompson Electronics in high technology; and Dow Jones, Reuters, Softbank,
and Toppan Printing in publishing.

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