Verity Releases K2 Toolkit

Verity, Inc. launched the Verity K2 Toolkit this week, a scalable, precision, high-performance knowledge retrieval system for the enterprise.

The Sunnyvale, CA-based vendor said the new software meets the challenge of providing access to large volumes of unstructured business information “without compromising user performance.”

“In recent months we’ve realigned our products, our sales force, our pricing, our support and our market message around the needs of enterprise knowledge retrieval and we are pleased by the improved performance our focus has helped us achieve,” said Gary Sbona, Verity’s CEO. “Verity’s improvements are the result of the entire company’s commitment to our enterprise mission and focus.”

Financial Times Electronic Publishing has already used the Verity K2 Toolkit
to build a mission critical online application. It allows subscribers to search an archive of millions of documents with very fast response times.

The application demanded scalability, precision, and capacity, precisely the
elements that the K2 system is designed to deliver, Verity said.

The Verity K2 Toolkit is available for IBM AIX, HP/UX, Digital Unix, and
Sun Solaris. Pricing is based on specific application requirements.

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