VitalSigns Net Performance Products Hit UK Market

Wick Hill Group, of Guildford, Surrey, is introducing the
VitalSigns range of network performance products to the UK market.

VitalSigns software, which includes the Net.Medic analysis package for
analyzing network bottlenecks, can monitor, diagnose, correct, and
recommend solutions whenever network performance problems are encountered.

“The VitalSigns range represents a truly massive breakthrough in
Internet/intranet technology. It’s the first range of products that really
addresses Internet, intranet and network performance problems from the
end-user’s point of view,” said Ian Kilpatrick, managing director of Wick

“The quality and appeal of VitalSigns software is such that it is likely to
become a key part of the desktop software used by the vast majority of
companies in the UK and worldwide.”

There are currently four products in the VitalSigns range: Net.Medic,
Net.Medic Pro, VitalAnalysis and VitalHelp. Net.Medic can be used by
any end-user, from a large corporation to an individual home user.

NetMedic Pro offers similar features, but also has diagnostic and automatic
monitoring facilities for the use of IT professionals.

VitalAnalysis is a server-based intranet management product that measures
the end-to-end performance of intranet applications. It produces a
comprehensive network overview that enables managers to identify potential

The fourth product, VitalHelp, is designed to turn reactive help desks into
proactive service desks. The vendor says it can help the desk staff find,
diagnose, and fix Internet/intranet and network problems “often before
users are even aware they exist.”

Wick Hill Group recently was appointed as the sole UK and principal
Europe-wide distributor for VitalSigns. The Group also has offices in
France, Germany, and Norway, and employs over 120 staff.

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