WebPerfect Solutions Introduces Mobile Intranet

WebPerfect Solutions Inc.
Tuesday launched mobile intranet service in which users can send and receive
e-mail from any standard e-mail account, view their calendar and update
system tasks from their phones.

With the new application, WebPerfect Solutions’ clients can access the
intranet service from any WAP, WML or HDML-compliant
device anywhere in the world. The WAP-compliant version is fully
synchronized with the standard version accessible from any computer
connected to the Internet, so WAP-compliant users require no special setup
or separate updating.

Mobile users can program their phones to dial a special Web address to
access the intranet service with the push of one button.
Depending on the security requirements, the mobile user can then program the
device to automatically populate the user name or
password, or both. After logging on, the service provides a user-friendly
point-and-click menu of IP-based features and functions.

WebPerfect Solutions said the roll-out is significant because of
International Data Corp.’s (IDC) estimate that as many as 75 million
customers will utilize wireless data applications by 2002. Also, Frost and
Sullivan Inc. predicts that the wireless data market will expand to 10
times its current value, reaching $2.5 billion by 2002.

“We are particularly excited to be one of the first, if not the first,
Internet Business Service (IBS) providers featuring WAP-compliant
mobile access to a powerful Intranet service,” said, Steve Zecola, president
and chief executive officer of WebPerfect Solutions. “A major portion of the
growth of the IP usage over digital wireless networks will entail
productivity enhancements such as those provided by our Intranet service.”

WebPerfect Solutions will demonstrate these features at Booth 2068 of CTIA’s
Wireless 2000 Showcase in New Orleans, from
February 28 through March 1.

Last month, WebPerfect Solutions launched the standard version of its
intranet service, which is offered for as low as $39.95 per month.

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