3Com Embraces Mangosoft Caching Device

Mangosoft Inc. this week sealed a software bundling deal with 3Com Corp.

Cachelink, a Mangosoft (MNGX) network software solution for PC desktop systems, is being incorporated into 3Com’s (COMS) OfficeConnect LAN modem and router product lines.

The addition of the product will improve Internet access time significantly for 3Com small business customers, according to Roger Sands, business line manager of 3Com’s business networks unit.

“By integrating Cachelink into our small business products, we are now offering our customers an enhanced feature for their OfficeConnect networks to share access to the Web at a higher speed,” said Sands. “Customers without access to DSL or who don.t have the resources to pay for cutting-edge access can now realize faster Web performance.”

Cachelink is designed to transparently link the browser caches of computers on a company’s local network into a single large cache pool. The result is significantly decreased Internet access time and increased available bandwidth.

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