4Front Wins European Contracts Worth $12 Million

4Front Technologies Wednesday announced winning three contracts in Europe for networking, infrastructure and support services which together are worth over $12 million.

The largest
contract of the three, worth $9 million alone, is between an Italian
private sector organization and 4Front’s Italian operation.

Of the three contracts, two are in Italy and one in France. The
largest is with the Istituto Nazionale per L’Assicurazione
contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro (INAIL), an organization that
helps to operate Italy’s state welfare system.

A second 4Front project in Italy is to supply networking services
to Telecom Italia, worth around $1.6 million over the next year.

In France, 4Front has obtained a hardware support contract from
the Gendarmerie, France’s national police force, worth around
$1 million annually.

“A year ago only
6 per cent of 4Front’s business was done in Continental Europe.
Now, approximately 45 per cent of 4Front’s business is carried
out in Continental Europe. The INAIL contract is clearly significant,
as it is our largest contract yet and it was won in partnership
with worldwide technology leaders,” said Anil Doshi, chairman and CEO of 4Front.

4Front has secured its new business by working with industry
partners such as IBM, Siemens and Compaq. The contract with
the French Gendarmerie was a direct result of working with
Siemens in France.

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