4G Could Be a Real Drain on Mobile Batteries

The conventional wisdom about moving to high-speed networks is they would use less battery power because the data transmission would start and stop faster. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Aside from the fact people are downloading more, to transmit that data faster means you need more power, and there’s no getting around the laws of physics. HTC and buyers of the EVO 4G are finding that out, and other vendors will soon, reports Enterprise Mobile Today.

Being on the bleeding edge of technology sometimes leaves you bleeding. In the case of Sprint customers who quickly snapped up the HTC EVO 4G phone, it’s their phone that’s bleeding. Bleeding power.

Rather quickly, users found out the EVO 4G drains power so fast it makes the iPhone look durable. This was confirmed by Wall Street Journal gadget guru Walter Mossberg, who noted that within a week of the EVO’s release, with 4G on, his EVO couldn’t last a day without running out of power.

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EVO 4G Battery Life Sags Under Weight of High-Speed Network

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