Accent’s Debuts LanguageWare Translation Software

Accent Software International
Monday released its
language software that translates English, French, Italian, German and
Spanish, and is available via their site,

Translation is provided by Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products N.V.’s machine
translation engine. Users can upload files to the LanguageWare Transaction
server, which analyzes requests and sends back a price quote through
e-mail. When a price quote is accepted
the Transaction Server automatically sends files to a translator and then
returns translations back through e-mail in either the original document
with the new language or a PDF file based on the original document with the
new language translation.

Currently the company is offering the translation of English to and from
French, Italian, German and Spanish for free. Future enhancements including
additional language pairs and longer documents will incur subscription fees.

“Free machine translation will drive more business people to our Web site
and generate more interest in
our automated, Internet-based translation service that represents faster
and more efficient methods of
language translation,” said Todd Oseth, Accent’s president and CEO.

“For rapid understanding of an
e-mail or a paragraph in a document, a customer can use LanguageWare’s
machine translation. For
publishing-quality translation LanguageWare’s rapid, high-quality
translation is ideal and both are
accessible over the Internet,” Oseth said.

“ offers users a direct translation portal through the
Internet enabling access from any
location and from Macintosh, Unix, or PC operating systems. This portal
expands our overall market
opportunity and gives customers immediate access to all our translation
services,” says Accent’s vice
president of marketing, Bob Antoniazzi.

Accent’s partners include Macmillan Digital Publishing, Macromedia and Alpnet.

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