AccessLine Launches iControl

Bellevue, Wash.-based AccessLine Communications Corp. Wednesday unveiled iControl, a new product which provides desktop computer-based call control services to give users real-time management of incoming communications.

iControl integrates with the desktop, PBX and corporate network to identify incoming calls and messages. It can also integrate with users’ contacts databases and calendaring software, allowing users to determine the urgency of each call and route it appropriately.

Sun Microsystems is one of the first AccessLine customers to deploy the technology. It has provided iControl to more than 800 employees at its Silicon Valley campuses, and plans to roll it out to thousands more in the U.S. and abroad.

“As a result of using iControl, Sun can provide a higher level of productivity, responsiveness and customer service than previously available,” said John Dutra, chief technology officer and vice president at Sun. “And in conjunction with iControl’s Instant Messaging capability, Sun’s users can redirect calls, while providing relevant information, to colleagues. As a result, we are more effectively meeting the needs of our customers.”

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