ACTA IP Agreement Nears Endgame

For the Obama administration, digital piracy and other forms of intellectual property crimes are a pocketbook issue. That’s according to Victoria Espinel, the nation’s first intellectual property enforcement coordinator.

Espinel, speaking at a conference hosted by the Future of Music Coalition, outlined the administration’s broad-ranging efforts to protect intellectual property, noting the ongoing negotiations with U.S. trading partners to craft a multilateral agreement that some digital-rights groups warn might overstep. But the world should know shortly, with the final draft release of the controversial ACTA accord expected out this week, according to Espinel. Datamation has the story.

WASHINGTON — The top White House copyright cop said on Tuesday that the administration is working aggressively to implement a wide-ranging strategy to crack down on digital piracy and the flow of counterfeit goods, saying that protecting U.S. intellectual property interests is a central pillar of the government’s efforts to nurse the economy back to health.

“Protection of our innovation and protection of our creativity is an essential part of our plan for economic recovery,” U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel said in a keynote address here at a policy conference hosted by the Future of Music Coalition.

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White House IP Boss: Digital Piracy Costs U.S. Jobs

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