Adding Leverage to your Content with XMLExtreme

A couple of years ago, when content publishing was pretty much a one venue operation things were a whole lot simpler. Nowadays, companies are faced with the challenge of distributing content over multiple websites, palm pilots, cell phones and who knows what’s next.

However, Issaquah-based believes that things can still be simple. After six months of development, they’ve just launched their XMLExtreme software product which manages and publishes content to all types of Web-enabled devices.

According to’s President Kevin Benz, XMLExtreme’s greatest strength is actually its ability to work with products from other Web software companies, such as BroadVision, Blue Martini, InterWorld, and Microsoft.

Benz cited a possible example of using Broadvisions BladeRunner to translate Microsoft Word documents into XML, then using InterWorld’s Commerce Exchange for e-commerce. “One of the beauties of XML (extensible markup language) is that it enables applications to share data easily,” says Benz. “XMLExtreme allows us to pick ‘best of breed’ products for our clients and integrate them into a seamless Web publishing system.”

This is really all about data interchange and being able to write content once and then repurpose it onto multiple venues,” says CTO Fred Barrett.

The first site to use XMLExtreme is Nashville-based We used BladeRunner and XMLExtreme to get it launched on time for the Dixie Chicks’ Fly Tour,” says Barrett. caught up with Dave Jaworski, vice president of site operations and development for’s parent company Gaylord Digital.

According to Jaworski, his company has to work with many scalable websites and they needed to leverage content across all these sites. “InterKnack helped us implement Interleaf and XMLExtreme along with custom code so we could accomplish this,” says Jaworski.

Back in Issaquah, the InterKnack team is continuing to refine their latest product. They also find themselves on a fly tour of their own from time to time – to present their product and educate the industry on its benefits. Barrett and Benz just got back, for example, from an XML industry gathering in Florida.

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