AireWeb Debuts Free Mobile Email

Boca Raton-based AireWeb Technologies, Inc., a provider of interactive wireless applications, today launched a free, mobile email access service that connects users to any POP email account registered through the company’s mobile website.

The AireWeb eMail Anywhere service allows users to connect to an existing POP account and retrieve email messages through a mobile phones that use wireless area protocol (WAP). Sign up is free and only requires the user’s POP server address and contact information, the company said in a prepared release.

Rene Garcia, president of AireWeb, said the new application will be offered to consumers and pitched to Fortune 1000 companies, internet service providers, telecommunications companies and portals in need of “mobile e-mail access to their user base and workforce.”

“This is the first in a series of mobile applications we will introduce in the upcoming months targeted to end users,” Garcia added. “We believe these end user applications, in conjunction with our vertical mobile solutions for trading, banking, insurance and other industries, will position AireWeb Technologies, Inc. as the only full-service mobile application vendor.”

Garcia says the company recognizes that composing email messages on often tiny, restrictive keypads of a cellphone can be tedious. So the company lets AireWeb users create up to 10 pre-configured responses and five electronic signatures to save time typing.

The new service also offers an address book that can include contacts email addresses and phone numbers. The WAP website can be accessed at

AireWeb is a privately-held company based in Boca Raton. It helps companies develop internet-enabled, wireless applications and solutions.

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