Aithent Sets Up Singapore Office To Develop Asia Business

U.S.-headquartered systems development house Aithent, Inc. has recently established an office in Singapore to support its foray into the markets of Southeast Asia, China (Hong Kong) and Australia.

The new office now joins a network of offices and development facilities in New York and India. It will offer sales and development support to the region, acting as a gateway for the 10-year-old company’s suite of development services ranging from traditional professional services to its unique Transparent Outsourcing services, and full-on custom software development consulting services.

“Our new Singapore office will bring access to a new level of tools and resources never before available to the region,” said Aithent principal N. Venu Gopal. “With a proven development process and an impressive list of blue-ribbon international clients under our belt, we look forward to working with leading organizations in the Pacific Rim to develop cutting edge solutions that enhance business goals and innovate evolution for our client-partners.”

Indeed, the Internet Technology Group (ITG) partner company wants to become a dominant player in the market, aiming to hit a US$500 million revenue target within the next 10 years.

“We expect Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia to contribute over 20 percent of this revenue target. Some of this growth we expect to achieve through consolidation plays that will enable us to complement our services and provide additional geographic coverage,” Gopal added.

Aithent delivers high-end development resources and solutions to multinational companies such as Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Merck, Novartis, Parke-Davis, Osaka Gas Information Services, Lockheed Martin, and Fuji Xerox Information Systems.

According to Gopal, Aithent intends to leverage its existing U.S.-based relationships with these enterprise customers, having its initial team of sales and account management staff target the customer base in Singapore to build a local track record.

“Once this is done we will expand to service other leading organizations in the region,” he said. “Our focus continues to be on financial, insurance, pharma, healthcare and government. A small team is being set up to address this initial target.”

The recently opened Singapore office is expected to evolve to support multiple centers excellence, leveraging the high-level talent base in the country with development facilities in India and possibly China in the near future.

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