AltaVista Canada Covers Federal Election

[Edmonton, CANADA] AltaVista Canada has launched a Canada Election
2000 site accessible from its portal.

Developed in partnership with Vancouver-based Kakkazan Innovations,
the site offers complete indexing by candidate and by riding,
allowing voters to conveniently research all of the candidates in
their riding or across the country from a single site.

In addition, the Web site provides users with current,
election-related news stories and updates throughout the day.

The database has indexed more than 1,800 candidates in each of the
301 federal ridings in an easy-to-search online resource, including
the representatives from all 13 registered parties as well as
independents and candidates with no affiliations.

Using information collected from Elections Canada and the various
party Web sites, AltaVista Canada Election 2000 offers detailed
information about each candidate located using AltaVista Canada’s
powerful search engine and content database as well as direct links
to candidate and party Web pages.

Users are also provided with a historical elections feature that
offers indexes, by candidate and riding, of the last election results.

For any of the approximately 600 candidates that ran in the previous
election as well as any subsequent by-elections, the site profiles
the candidate and all of the previous election results.

A unique feature is that the site has been designed to allow
candidates to post their own messages addressed to voters in their

“In the past, voters looking for detailed information about their
candidates had to go to the various party Web sites,” said Sandro
Berardocco, AltaVista Canada manager.

“AltaVista Canada Election 2000 is the only Canadian search engine to
offer such a detailed guide to the federal election. This makes it
one of the most comprehensive, non-partisan resources available to
Canadians interested in learning about who is running in their
district and what the polls have said in the past.”

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