Amazon Pushes Global Rollout of Kindle DX

Datamation reports on the latest news related to Amazon’s popular Kindle e-reader, which will see much wider distribution of the large screen model.

Fresh on the heels of a brisk holiday sales season, Amazon is planning to roll out the large-screen model of its popular Kindle line of e-readers to more than a 100 countries later this month.

The global launch of the Kindle DX, which made its domestic debut last May, follows the international roll-out of Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) smaller e-reader in October.

With a screen of 9.7-inches, the oversize Kindle DX has more than twice the surface area of the original Kindle. Amazon markets the DX as an e-reader suited for business travelers, students or other consumers who would use the device for reading highly formatted content, such as newspapers or cookbooks.

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Amazon Taking Kindle DX Global

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