An Integrated Mediapassage

In the wake of their September merger, and have announced the integration of their two sites, as well as a name and logo change.

Effective immediately the name of the merged company will be Mediapassage. As is the trend these days, the company has chosen to avoid the dot-com label in their name.

“We are dropping the from our name because it is misrepresentative of how we conduct our business. While users do access Mediapassage from their desktops, the services we provide are really a combination of online technology and workflow management,” says Mediapassage Chairman and CEO Gilbert Scherer.

The decision to assume a common name and URL was made jointly by Scherer, and Vice-Chairman Jeffrey Trumper.

“The purpose of this merger was to create a single source for the end-to-end processing of media transactions in all channels. It is only natural that we have a single identity and integrated sites,” says Trumper, who was founder and CEO of

According to Scherer, users of the old URL will be directed to a Flash page announcing the change, and then to the Mediapassage site. “Our current customers won’t notice any changes in the transaction processes,” says Scherer, “but they will benefit greatly from our enhanced functionality as they have immediate access to a vastly increased range of media and services.”

In addition to the name change, Mediapassage has introduced a new logo that combines elements of the former Broadcastspots, and mediapassage logos.

Established in 1997, Mediapassage created a solution for the planning, placement, tracking and payment of print advertising. The merger with has enabled Mediapassage to extend the application of this e-commerce platform to broadcast media.

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