And Now There Are None

By the market’s close on Thursday, that monthly gainers list was down to two companies — (BNBN), which was up 6.9 percent since the close of trading March 16, and (CLAI), up 1.8 percent. But with the Nasdaq nosediving again Friday morning, even those two have slipped into the red.

So with all Internet stocks down since mid-March, we may as well go all the way with this and look at the biggest losers among the 345 Internet stocks we track.

First, some big-picture numbers. Fifteen Internet companies have dropped at least 70 percent in value since March 16. And 151 Internet stocks have fallen at least 50 percent in that period. That’s nearly 44 percent of the companies listed on’s Internet Stocks List and Internet StockTracker newsletter.

Are there signs of a turnaround? Not from what I can see. Only 15 Net stocks gained ground in the week of trading ended Thursday, and only five of those cracked double-digits. Meanwhile, 104 Internet stocks tumbled at least 30 percent in that same week.

No need to prolong the inevitable. Here are the Internet stocks that have fallen fastest and farthest in the days following the Ides of March: (SQST), -78.4 percent (PPRO), -77.8 (NEOF), -75.2

Be Free (BFRE), -73.9

Inso (INSO), -73.4 (FSHP), -72.4

FairMarket (FAIM), -72.1

Digital Island (ISLD), -71.6

Intraware (ITRA), -71.5 (XCAR), -71.4 (KOOP), -71.4

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