Andreessen Invests in Accompany

Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen is investing in and joining the board of Accompany Inc. which sells discounted products over the Internet.

The amount of Andreessen’s investment was not specified.

Accompany has developed technology that it says aggregates the demand for products and services in real time. It uses that technology to give small businesses discounts usually only available to large institutions by coordinating demand with suppliers.

“Marc Andreessen is a vital asset to us as he is a highly-regarded visionary in the industry and has brought the Internet to millions of people. His personal interest proves we are moving in the right direction…,” said Jim Rose, Accompany’s chief executive officer.

Accompany recently raised $3.65 million during its first round of financing. The company expects to announce partnerships with several major portals over the coming months.

Andreessen became chief technology officer of America Online Inc. when that company bought Netscape Communications Corp. for $6.7 billion.

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