Another Media Player Debuts

The latest media player to support digital downloads debuted this week, this time from audio company Midisoft Corp.

Midisoft’s Internet Media Player is a free, stand alone client for Windows based machines that allows users to play multiple Internet audio formats including Windows Media Audio (WMA), MP3, and
CD audio.

The player is designed to allow users to manage and store media files in the familiar Windows
Explorer-like interface, and can also automatically scan a user’s system to locate already existing
audio files.

Users organize their playlists into “Favorites” folders, and can then tell the player to automatically
play all of the contents of a folder sequentially or in shuffled formats. Individual tracks within folders can
be of any format. Additionally, users can automatically assign up to 10 specific folders to Speedbuttons and launch the playlist (folder) with a single click.

Other features include automatic CD information lookup from CDDB, integrated online search engine support for locating audio files on the
Web, and automatic user notification when new
program updates become available.

The Midisoft Internet Media Player is free and
available now from the Midisoft Web site.

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