AOL Anywhere Goes Somewhere

America Online Inc. has begun marketing its AOL Mobile
Communicator, a new two-way paging device designed for easy access to the AOL
instant messaging and e-mail services.

The small, 4.1-ounce devices are available online to AOL members. A built-in
mini-keyboard is provided so that users can type instant messages and read,
write or reply to e-mail. The devices are priced at $329.95 and the AOL
Mobile Communicator service is available for a subscription fee of $19.95 per

Mobile device users can set an additional password that is different from the
one they use when they access the AOL service from their computer.

The company said the product launch marks the next step in the “AOL Anywhere”
multi-platform strategy.

“Our AOL Anywhere strategy looks to increase the value and convenience we
deliver to AOL members by providing integrated, easy access to all their
favorite features anywhere, anytime,” said Dennis Patrick, president of AOL

AOL said that its members send up to 656 million instant messages and 150
million e-mails on a daily basis. “We listen to our members. They want
mobile, anywhere access to e-mail and instant messaging with that
all-important Buddy List feature,” Patrick said.

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