AOL Canada Launches Unlimited Use Pricing Plan

AOL Canada Inc. will offer a new unlimited use pricing plan for $22.95 per month, effective December 16.

Also available is a new Standard Price Plan that includes 10 hours online monthly for $9.95, plus $1.50 for each additional hour.
AOL Canada is also reducing the surcharges to its 1-800 long distance access number, a number members can use from anywhere in Canada.

Stephen Bartkiw, CEO, AOL Canada Inc. said that the average AOL Canada member is spending almost 35 minutes online daily, and that the new unlimited use pricing will drive up usage making the membership base more attractive to advertising and e-commerce partners.

Existing AOL Canada members will be moved to the new plan automatically on December 16. Members currently on the Value Price Plan costing $26.95/50 hours per month, will be converted to the new $22.95 per month Unlimited Price Plan. AOL Canada members who subscribe to the existing Standard Price Plan at $13.95/5 hours per month, will be moved to the $9.95/10 hours per month Standard Price Plan.

AOL Canada Inc. is a strategic alliance between America Online, Inc. and Canada’s Royal Bank. It works with its more than 70 content and e-commerce partners.

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