AOL Europe Will Trial DSL First In UK

AOL Europe has
announced that it will conduct national trials of DSL technology,
beginning with UK trials over British Telecom’s recently announced ADSL platform.

“We will pursue relationships with broadband providers of any available technology so that we can best serve our members’ needs, allowing people to connect easily and conveniently — wherever they are,” said Andreas Schmidt, president and CEO of AOL Europe.

AOL’s position is that broadband will “further improve the
online experience” and make possible a broader array of

“As new technologies become available, AOL Europe is committed
to providing our members with those new features that will enhance
their use of this interactive medium,” continued Andreas Schmidt.

“With our strong member base, we are in the best position to
deliver on the promise of broadband and help make it a reality
for the mass market consumer.”

Beginning in the fall, AOL will select UK members for its
DSL trial. On offer will be access speeds up to 20 times faster
than standard modems, “always-on” access to AOL with no dial-up
necessary, and a selection of broadband enhanced multimedia

The UK announcement follows others by America Online in the U.S., where the company has alliances with leading telcos to provide DSL access beginning later this summer.

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