Apple Buying ARM? Experts Are Doubtful

ARM is well known as the provider of chip designs to a wide range of PC and mobile device players — including Apple. But this week, the rumor mill churned out a claim that had eyebrows raised and tongues wagging: Would Apple buy ARM to stop it from licensing its designs to rival tablet PC makers?

The rumor, reported in a U.K. newspaper, quickly had industry observers weighing the options. How costly would it be for Apple beyond simply writing a check? How much would it hurt relationships with Apple’s other partners, who are likewise ARM licensees? How likely are regulators to frown on such a move? HardwareCentral takes a look.

A report that Apple is considering buying chip designer ARM Holdings, in a bid to take its wares off the market, had bloggers and industry observers buzzing like mad this week. But ARM’s CEO has downplayed the possibility, and pundits aren’t sure how much sense it makes for the company behind the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

ARM licenses its chip designs for use by more than 100 device makers — including Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). According to a report in the London Daily Standard on Wednesday, Apple is considering buying ARM to shut out all those other firms from being able to license its technology. In particular, Apple is eager to cripple ARM-powered tablets, the report suggested.

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Doubts Arise on Apple’s Rumored Acquisition Plans for ARM

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