Time for Enterprises to Tune In to Video?

Video can be an important part of any company’s strategy to foster better communication and collaboration among employees and market its message to the outside world.

But as CIO Update reports, there are technical, resource and training issues that need to be resolved. Some big name tech firms have cleared those hurdles and offer useful advise to other companies looking to add video to their communications network of services.

PALO ALTO, Calif.– Video can be a useful tool in the enterprise, but companies need guidelines, training systems and the right infrastructure to use it effectively, said a panel of IT vendors here at the AlwaysOn OnDemand conference this week at Hewlett-Packard’s headquarters.

“Think about who is going to produce the video and who you want to view it and whether that content needs to be locked down,” said David Sayed, senior product manager for Silverlight marketing at Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). Sayed said another key consideration is how video will tie into your company’s backend system for storage, management and distribution. Microsoft uses its own SharePoint content management system.

Microsoft got on the video bandwagon back in 2004 with what started as an ad hoc effort called Channel 9 to report internally on various research efforts at the software giant. “It started with guys going around the company with handheld cameras asking ‘What are you working on?'” Sayed said.

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