Apple Making iTunes Cloud Play?

Apple is in talks with music labels to strike a deal that would move iTunes music libraries to the cloud, providing a backup as well as unlimited downloads of purchased songs to iPods, iPhones and iPads linked to the same account, according to reports.

This means if a user purchases a track on an iPhone, he or she could download it again for free to an iPad without having to go back and tether the mobile device to a PC or Mac for a sync.

The iTunes move would unify Apple’s digital storefront protocols, as unlimited downloads across multiple Apple mobile devices is already the norm for people who purchase mobile apps from the Apple App Store.

Apple is currently negotiating details with several major recording companies, and could finalize the agreement by summer, Bloomberg reported today.

A more flexible way for iTunes users to access and listen to their music could help Apple and the music labels retain customers who may be lured away by free Internet radio services such as Pandora, which allows fans to listen to streaming digital music tracks on any mobile device without purchasing them.

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Apple Seeking Unlimited iTunes Downloads Across Mobile Devices

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