Apple, Pinnacle Ship Uncompressed Video Editor

Apple and Pinnacle Systems has announced an uncompressed, standard-definition (SD) video editing solution for less than $10,000. Available exclusively on Apple’s Power Mac G4, the solution includes Apple’s Final Cut Pro video editing, effects and compositing software and Pinnacle Systems’ TARGA Cine uncompressed SD video board.

“The Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine has become the state-of-the-art professional video editing platform,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “Apple, working together with Pinnacle, is delivering the first complete pro desktop video editing solution capable of scaling from uncompressed standard-definition video to high-definition video. This breakthrough solution starts at less than $10,000 and is available only on the Power Mac G4.”

“The Power Mac G4 is the professional video editing platform of choice and we’re thrilled to bring the power of TARGA Cine exclusively to the Mac,” said Mark Sanders, Pinnacle Systems’ CEO. “This is an incredibly powerful solution at a price point never offered before.”

The uncompressed SD video editing solution exclusively for the Mac provides video acquisition in all major standard-definition formats (DV, composite, component and D1) and features:

  • A Power Mac G4 with a 400MHz PowerPC G4 processor featuring Velocity Engine(TM), 256MB SDRAM, a DVD-ROM drive, the ATI Rage 128 Pro Graphics card, a 20GB ATA hard drive, ATTO UL3D dual-channel Ultra 160 SCSI (PCI card), 2x 36GB Ultra 160 SCSI drives for media storage and SoftRAID SCSI array formatting software;
  • A 17-inch (16-inch viewable) Apple Studio Display featuring a Natural Flat Diamondtron CRT, extraordinarily sharp text and ColorSync internal calibration to keep colors accurate over time;
  • Apple’s Final Cut Pro 1.2.5, a video editing software package offering compositing tools, video and audio layering, a streamlined graphic interface; and
  • The TARGA Cine capture/export PCI engine delivering uncompressed SD video acquisition, creation and distribution, simultaneous output of SD video, and two Digital Tether ports for connecting to a family of breakout boxes for I/O flexibility with analog, digital and high-definition video (Pinnacle Systems’ Pro Analog breakout box is included).

Complete solutions including a Power Mac G4, Final Cut Pro and the Pinnacle TARGA Cine are available immediately through The Apple Store(TM) ( Base configurations start at US$9,999. An optional digital interface, the Pro Digital breakout box, is available for an additional US$999.

Additional build-to-order options include: 450 or 500MHz dual processor Power Mac G4s; up to 1.5GB of memory; a 40GB ATA hard drive; 2x 72GB Ultra 160 SCSI drives; Apple’s revolutionary AirPort wireless networking technology; DVD-RAM and ZIP drives; a 56K V.90 modem; the 15-inch Apple Studio Display active matrix TFT flat panel with pure digital interface, and the 22-inch Apple Cinema Display, the largest all-digital LCD flat panel display ever brought to market.

See for more information on CeneWave. A Pro Digital HD breakout box supporting high-definition formats is expected to be available from Pinnacle Systems later this year.

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