Apple’s iMac Hits Stores in August

Apple interim CEO Steve Jobs officially debuted the company’s anticipated iMac consumer computer during the keynote address at the Macworld Expo in New York today.

Jobs said that the iMac, labeled by Apple as “the Internet-age computer for the rest of us,” will be available in stores in the U.S. on August 15.

Due to what Apple said was large consumer demand, a 56K modem will be included, along with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 4.01 and Earthlink’s Total Access 2.01.

As reported in May by, Apple claims the iMac outperforms the fastest Pentium II chips found on Windows/Intel machines.

With an anticipated price of $1,299, Apple hopes the machine will help it hold onto its large customer base in the education and consumer markets, and add some converts along the way.

In related news today, Apple will join with Bell South to deliver high-speed asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) service to Mac users via the Internet service.

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