Asia Online Launches Multimedia E-Commerce Solutions

Hongkong ISP Asia Online, a Softbank company, has officially debuted
LiveWeb, a service that integrates video and audio streaming, image
resolution on demand and e-commerce modules for interactive web page design
and hosting.

“Today, thousands of businesses in Hong Kong have their own web sites and a
presence on the World Wide Web, but many of these are just static
electronic brochures,” said H. L. Chan, vice president of marketing and
sales at Asia Online (HK) Ltd.

“To really capture web surfers attention these days and take advantage of
this huge marketing opportunity, web sites must become more interactive and
incorporate such features as animation, sound, and moving images,” added Chan.

Chan said that streaming and image resolution sides of LiveWeb were ideal
marketing tools for enterprises to demonstrate and showcase their products
and services and convey corporate messages. The e-commerce modules give
enterprises control over normal business activities such as invoicing,
placing orders, and up-dating product information.

Since Softbank acquired a controlling share of Asian Online earlier this
year, the Hong Kong-based ISP has refocused itself as a regional provider
and is hot on the acquisition trail.

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