AskAlex Introduces Free Telephone Calls To Every Company In the UK

Internet directory AskAlex now lists 1.8 million UK companies, any one of which can be immediately contacted by a free
telephone call.

The new service is provided in partnership with NetCall
, using the NetCall800 service.

As part of the launch, NetCall is sponsoring a telephone call to any of
the businesses listed in the AskAlex directory, entirely free to the user
and the business he or she calls. This means, said AskAlex, that the 1.8
million companies are “open for business” on the World Wide Web–without necessarily owning a Web site.

“Before long the phrase ‘I found you on the Web’ will be as common as ‘I saw your ad in Yellow Pages,'” said David Rothschild, chief executive of NetCall. “Over four million people in the UK alone go online at least once a week and the majority are actively searching for something–either for business or personal use. That’s why directories such as AskAlex are so popular.”

When a business receives its first free “NetCall,” it has the option of subscribing to the NetCall800 service from just #5 per month, the company said. For the basic fee a company gets automatic free phone connection to Web
customers via the AskAlex directory listing and up to 40 minutes of free
calls. An additional #50 a year brings an enhanced listing that includes a
customised Web page as well as the NetCall800 service.

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