ATI Technologies Unveils “Set-top-Wonder”

Toronto-based ATI Technologies debuted this week a reference design for a Windows CE-powered set-top box that features the company’s latest 3D, video acceleration, and PC-to-TV convergence technology.

Called the Set-top-Wonder CE, the design provides a platform from which PC,
consumer electronics, and cable OEMs can combine key entertainment functions
into low-cost, but high performance set-top boxes.

With more functions and at a lower price than other CE devices, the
Set-top-Wonder CE reference design is the first set-top design to integrate
DVD and MPEG-2 playback, 3D gaming, Web browsing, and intelligent TV all into
a single device.

Set-top-Wonder CE-based systems will provide DVD movie and MPEG-2 replay,
high-performance 3D gaming, Web access, email, and enhanced TV tuning
including channel preview and instant replay, all with flicker-free display
on large screen and conventional TV sets.

Windows CE is an operating system from Microsoft designed to be used in
low-cost, embedded products such as consumer set-top boxes, hand-held PCs,
and automotive PCs. It was recently announced that a major cable provider
will use Windows CE in at least 5 million set-top boxes.

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