AT&T Adopts Tiered Data Pricing

AT&T subscribers are getting a little more flexibility in their wireless data plans. The carrier has scrapped its old, one-size-fits-all unlimited data plan, replacing it with a pair of choices tailored for light and heavy data users.

AT&T is also making available a tethering feature so that subscribers can use their wireless device as a modem to connect a laptop to the Internet. Enterprise Mobile Today has the details on AT&T’s new pricing plan, and why one analysts thinks it will compel more consumers to upgrade to smartphones.

AT&T has revamped its data plan for mobile customers into two choices for low- and high-volume users, offering subscribers who don’t consume as much data on their smartphones a chance to pay less.

At the same time, the company announced plans to offer tethering, the option of using a smartphone as a modem for the laptop to access the Internet. AT&T (NYSE: T) customers, particularly iPhone users, have been clamoring for the tethering feature for months, but availability has been delayed because AT&T’s network was already plenty congested.

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AT&T Replaces Single Data Plan With Tiered Pricing Menu

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