AT&T Broadband Tags Qpass For Interactive TV Sales

Privately held Qpass has been selected by AT&T Broadband to provide eWallet transaction services for AT&T’s advanced interactive TV platform.

Built on open industry standards, Qpass will provide a secure commerce infrastructure to support transactions between integrated online merchants and their customers for the sale of content, goods and services via advanced cable set-top boxes and broadband devices.

When fully integrated with AT&T’s interactive TV platform, the Qpass customized eWallet transaction services will enable broadband subscribers to make secure and simple purchases from a wide range of participating merchants via multiple payment methods, by securely storing, managing and transferring payment information for use during t-commerce transactions. Once customer information is transferred to the online merchant, payment will be handled between the merchant and the customer.

The Qpass commerce services will eliminate the need for AT&T subscribers to enter personal or credit card information with each transaction, or with each individual merchant. Qpass securely stores and manages subscriber data and payment-related information, delivers the relevant information directly into the merchant’s order processing system, and captures and stores a digital receipt for future review by the subscriber. Qpass also provides a unified customer service and account management experience that will be accessible to AT&T subscribers through their cable set-tops or via the Internet.

“At Qpass, we’re enabling next-generation transactions for a connected world by adding commerce capabilities to communications platforms, and making it simple for consumers to access those commerce capabilities from a single, unified account, regardless of merchant, network or device,” said Chase Franklin, co-founder and CEO of Qpass. “As the leading cable operator in the United States, AT&T has shown visionary leadership in developing and delivering compelling, customer-focused next-generation broadband services to consumers. We’re excited to be working with them to provide a commerce infrastructure for interactive television that will enable a consistent purchase experience and a centralized payment account to make it easy for their subscribers to conduct transactions and buy goods and services.”

“Interactive television will take advantage of the visual medium of television and the information-rich Internet, to offer customers a new way to shop,” said Rich Fickle, senior vice president and program director for interactive television, AT&T Broadband. “We are pleased to work with Qpass to offer our customers a simple way to safely and easily participate in the t-commerce revolution.”

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