AT&T Canada Launches DSL Services

AT&T Canada has launched ADSL Internet access service for businesses, the first in a planned
rollout of a series of DSL-enabled offerings.

AT&T Canada’s Dedicated ADSL service offers business customers
high-speed access to connect local area networks (LANs) to the Internet
over standard copper telephone wires. This fully managed, “always on”
connection includes domain name service coupled with 20 e-mail boxes at
the customer’s domain, a router and the ADSL termination unit.

The AT&T Canada Internet DSL service offering provides up to 2.2 Mbps
downstream (to the customer location) and up to 640 Kbps upstream (from
the customer location) at approximately the same cost businesses incur
now for a 128 Kbps ISDN Internet connection.

“With the introduction of AT&T Canada’s ADSL service, our customers
that are not able to directly access our local fibre optic networks will
now have an extremely robust and competitive Internet access
alternative,” said Ron Close, president, AT&T Canada Internet and
E-Business Services. “ADSL meets the growing needs for faster access
to multimedia information.”

Throughout the next year, AT&T Canada expects to launch a full suite of
DSL-enabled services to business customers across Canada. The company intends to pursue businesses that are not able to directly connect to its local fibre optic networks for high speed broadband Internet and data communications services.

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