Attachmate’s SUSE Linux Sticking with Mono

One element of the former Novell Linux business that has been disrupted in recent weeks is the Mono project. Mono is a Novell led effort to provide an open source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET framework. Attachmate recently laid off the U.S. workforce for Mono, which has led Mono project founder Miguel de Icaza to form a new business startup.

Though some have assumed that the layoffs meant that SUSE was exiting the Mono business, that’s not the case, according to the new President and General Manager of Attachmate’s SUSE Linux business unit, Nils Brauckmann.

“Mono is part of the SUSE Linux business,” Brauckmann said.

Brauckmann commented that the goal of the SUSE Linux business is to innovate in the areas that matter to customers.

“So what you saw happening in the last few weeks is we were starting to adjust our investments in Mono to be better aligned with our business,” Brauckmann said. “Unfortunately that resulted in some layoffs.”

Though Attachmate has laid off a number of Mono developers, Brauckmann said that SUSE Linux will continue to support Mono.

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Attachmate Exec Takes Control of SUSE Linux

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