Attention: The Following Email is About to Self-Destruct!

Bellevue-based AbsoluteFuture launched late last week a product that makes it easy for users to exchange highly sensitive emails that self-destruct, after a period of time that the sender sets.

An adjunct to existing email programs, SafeMessage also ensures data security through multiple layers of encryption and by preventing recipients from copying, saving, forwarding or printing SafeMessages they receive.

According to the company’s CEO Graham Andrews, SafeMessage provides more security than other secure messaging products because of its unique ability to work separately from a user’s email application. “It also works in a peer-to-peer mode that avoids mail servers, which are inherently insecure,” says Andrews.

SafeMessages, for example, can be sent from one user directly to another without having emails route through mail servers. This prevents messages from leaving a data trail. A typical email can often leave a trail of eight copies in as many as four locations.

The company is initially marketing SafeMessage to corporate users, with general release to individuals scheduled for later this year. has learned that the recent launch of SafeMessage is keeping the Bellevue company so busy; they have decided to dispose of their product. A buyer for the jobmatching technology hasn’t been finalized yet.

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