Auction Universe, UK Style

Online auction network Auction Universe is looking to expand the success of online auctions across the pond, as it recently opened a site meant for British bidders and sellers.

Aimed at UK traders, Auction Universe UK is said to be the first of its kind to allow person-to-person trading of goods in the British currency.

Similar in format to the main Auction Universe site, Auction Universe UK has over 6,000 categories to help users narrow their searches to the items they seek. There are “Collector’s Hubs” where people with similar
interests can get together and exchange information. They can also ask Auction Universe experts for advice about some of the items.

“Trading internationally can be very time-consuming and at times difficult,” said Larry Schwartz, president and CEO of Auction Universe. “Our UK site will allow traders to buy and sell goods locally with a common

In the United States, Auction Universe has a network of over thirty-five classified advertising affiliate Web sites, enabling people to link up locally with buyers and sellers of various items. Auction Universe UK extends this localised approached to the UK.

“If you’re buying a Furby, it doesn’t matter where the seller is,” added Schwartz. “But if you’re purchasing a refrigerator or a car, you want to examine the goods before bidding. Now users in the United
Kingdom will have the same opportunity.”

However, the system that provides a money-back guarantee on every
transaction–Bid$afe–is available only in the United States. It remains
to be seen whether people in the UK will be as enthusiastic about
trading online as their American counterparts, without the benefit of
Bid$afe protection.

Auction Universe is a Classified Ventures Company.

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