Unveils Stereo without PC Connection this week unveiled its iRad family
of products along with Internet based services to organize and manage digital
audio, creating a virtual jukebox.

“As Internet Radio appliances progress, we have taken a unique approach by
redefining what digital audio listeners should expect in their devices,” said
Dan Sheppard, president of “ believes that
consumers should be able to access what audio they want, when they want it
and where they want it.”

The service consists of five products including the iRad-S,
iRad-P, iRad-C, Audio Catalog Manager and the Web site. It is
designed as a stand-alone Internet appliance with access to the Web via a 56k
modem, Ethernet or the new HomePNA 1.0 Network. The iRad-S provides the
ability to play streaming audio, store over 1000 MP3 files, play standard and
MP3 CDs and has access to local AM/FM stations.

With Microsoft’s Media Player and Real Networks Streaming Player incorporated
into the device, the stand-alone unit can be used without a PC connection.
Its time control capabilities provide the user with
the ability to control when and where the user wants to listen to streaming
audio stations or their digital audio play lists, the firm said. The Audio Catalog Manger
allows the user to download audio from their current CD collection and
categorize them by artist, genre, creating a virtual jukebox.

“Music is already downloaded and played on your PC,” said Safi Qureshey,
chairman and co-founder of “What we have developed with is a total solution for managing and playing digital audio at
different locations including the home, office and portable world untethered
from a PC.”

The iRad product line is now available for pre-orders at at
a retail price of $399. A stereo component version of the player, the
iRad-C, is also available for pre-orders and contains all of the same
features as the stand-alone model except for an AM/FM tuner. Consisting of
the same color and dimensions, the unit is tailored to fit the users current
home stereo system and is equipped with a digital out connection allowing for
a high-speed connection to components.

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