Aussies Love the Net, But Not for Shopping

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Australians rank fifth worldwide in terms of Internet use, with 45

percent penetration, but lag behind in online shopping, with 10 percent of Internet users

shopping online, according to research from Taylor Nelson Sofres.

Of the countries surveyed in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Australia was found to be second only

to Norway in terms of potential Internet shoppers, with 29 percent of the population

equipped to shop online. Not surprisingly, the U.S., with the highest proportion of Internet

users (58 percent of the population), also has the largest percentage of online shoppers.

More than a quarter of Internet users in the U.S. shop online, as opposed to less than one

percent in Thailand and Turkey.

Globally, traditional e-commerce purchases like books and CDs are still dominant, with three in

ten users who have shopped online buying books and one in five purchasing music. Australian

users’ tastes have diversified, however, and they are now among the top five online

purchasers of food and groceries, toiletries and cosmetics, PC hardware and software,

furniture and business travel.

Concerns about security and the ability of e-commerce sites to deliver are still

significant roadblocks for Australian Internet users. The study labeled 20 percent of

Australian Internet users as “online dropouts” – people who have considered purchasing

online but haven’t. This wariness was reflected in an 18 percent figure for
“offline shoppers” – users who have bought or ordered goods and services outside the

Internet as a result of information found while surfing.

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