Australia Post to Be Face of eSign

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] eSign Australia has announced that
Australia Post will act as a registration authority for eSign’s Gatekeeper certified digital certificates, through its KeyPOST service. Australia Post will provide face-to-face authentication of individuals and organizations at branches throughout Australia, enabling them to participate in secure e-commerce transactions.

The application process for a digital certificate will be initiated online, with the KeyPOST Identity Check conducted at authorized KeyPOST outlets within Australia Post offices. The eSign/KeyPOST collaboration is expected to be in operation by August 2000 and the companies plan to make the process compliant under the federal government’s Gatekeeper accreditation.

To apply for a digital certificate, an individual will have to download and complete the appropriate forms from eSign’s Web site. The subscriber will then present the forms, along with identification documents at the post office. KeyPOST staff will sight and certify the documentation and forward it to a central service center where further validation checks are performed. Upon completion of the final check, eSign will be notified to provide the back-end processing and issuing of the certificates at its regional operations center. KeyPOST will also notify eSign when a certificate needs to be suspended or revoked.

“Face-to-face authentication is a key part of the digital security process. It binds the identity of a subscriber to a digital certificate, ensuring that all parties conducting business electronically with that subscriber can be confident of their identity,” said Gregg Rowley, managing director, eSign Australia.

Digital certificates provide participants in an electronic transaction with guaranteed confidentiality, tamper protection, non-repudiation and verifiable proof of identity. They are issued by a trusted third party and allow businesses/individuals to establish and conduct sensitive commercial transactions with customers, suppliers or other business partners.

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