Avolo Launches Subsidiary in Vancouver

Seattle.internet.com has learned that Avolo has recently established its first international subsidiary in Vancouver, Canada. The Seattle-based company, with corporate offices at Boeing Field, provides aerospace companies with Internet sales and procurement services.

Avolo.com Technologies, Ltd., which is located in Vancouver’s Yaletown hi-tech district, will initially handle the development of critical Java programming. Eventually, it will expand to include other Avolo development projects, encompassing other emerging technologies.

According to Avolo VP of Marketing Peter Berghammer, the Vancouver facility significantly enhances Avolo in the eyes of many potential customers. “With our ability to effect transactions virtually anywhere in the world, it is imperative that we have an international presence. This location is just the first step in achieving that.”

The Vancouver facility is currently being run under the direction of Sarah Samphire, and there are currently five programmers working at the nearly 1650 sq. ft. office. According to Berghammer the company expects to hire some 12 to 15 programmers and several administrative personnel.

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