Goes Live has just learned that Renton-based went live yesterday at about 12:00pm.

Users of the dotcom’s service can upload their own picture, photo, or company logo through the AwesomeCakes website and have an exact edible copy put on a cake, or can order a special occasion cake from AwesomeCakes’ catalog.

According to’s CTO and Co-Founder John Todderud, the company has already received several orders.

“We are already seeing a lot of activity, and we believe that as people’s creative juices get flowing they will be searching their photo albums for more pictures to be placed on cakes; sending them to people across the country,” says Todderud. has already teamed up with a network of bakeries and couriers, and is currently serving 17 markets across the country. Including the Seattle and Portland areas.

Update 4:30 pm PST: Exclusive interview with’s CEO Dennis Fleck. Your company has made an effort to display your service at various industry events…How has this helped you in building your dotcom identity?

Dennis Fleck: Participating at industry events has helped us on several fronts. First, we operated in “stealth” mode for our first 15 months. When we were ready to hire key management, we needed to get the word out to talented members of the local technical community that AwesomeCakes existed, and had positions available. Second, as part of our fund raising activities, it was important to get on the radar screen of potential investors. Third, we needed to begin generating “buzz” about AwesomeCakes, and industry events are a great forum for getting the word out. What is the key strength of your company’s business model?

We have several key strengths. First, Albertson’s decision to be our launch partner and provide fulfillment support is a major strength since they have a presence in 37 states. Leveraging Albertson’s has enabled us to launch simultaneously in 17 major US markets. Those 17 markets are visible at our web site, Second, our delivery company partner allows us to launch in multiple markets, while we leverage technology from both companies. Third, we have a patent pending on our process. Fourth, our model ultimately expands a $9 billion U.S. market for decorated cakes by over $2 billion by enabling out-of-town delivery of locally made fresh cakes. We drive business to our brick and mortar partners. These strengths support a business model that fills unmet needs. Businesses purchase a lot of cakes, and need an easy way to order and receive cakes whereby they needn’t send employees to the bakery twice – once to order the cake, and a couple of days later to pick it up. Consumers desire new gift options that can be personalized based upon the occasion and the recipient. Our picture cakes provide that option, and are freshly prepared and delivered in markets remote from the purchaser. There is a lot of talk about the importance of customer service for online services. What will your company be doing to succeed on this front?

Dennis Fleck: It is our intent to continuously fine-tune our web site to minimize the need for customer service. As issues come up, we will address them and determine if they represent a broader issue that needs to be addressed. Our customer support people are monitoring each order to minimize potential for problems. Additionally, our customer support personnel are available via e-mail, online chat, and a toll-free number. AwesomeCakes wants to have a reputation for providing excellent customer service.

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