b2bScene, PSiGate Offer Online Payment

[Waterloo, CANADA]- b2bScene, a division of Open Text Corp. has partnered with PsiGate to provide payment solutions for its online business-to-business services.

b2bScene has integrated PSiGate’s services for real-time payment collection and financial transaction processing within its business-to-business portal site and hosted application services.

PSiGate handles the processing of payments from purchase to deposit. Its merchant engine obtains the credit authorization, screens for fraud, deposits the funds and provides b2bScene clients with tracking and reporting of transactions, all implemented with SSL encryption for secure transmission via the Internet.

b2bScene is working with PSiGate to deliver these services to b2bScene’s hosted corporate extranet customers, along with other PSiGate management services such as automated tax and shipping calculations, fraud screening, and financial account reporting.

b2bScene has created an e-Business Community Platform for delivering business-to-business solutions on a hosting infrastructure. A collection of integrated content, collaboration and commerce services help b2bScene’s customers enhance the quality and efficiency of each transaction, process and interaction.

PSiGate provides an interface to new or existing online commerce enterprise, offering real-time payment collection and financial transaction processing. It also provides Internet Merchant Accounts for VISA, Master Card and American Express for Canadian-based Internet merchants.

Open Text’s product family called Livelink enables individuals, teams, organizations, and global trading communities to collaborate on e-business applications that facilitate e-commerce and other transactions among Global 2000 organizations.

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